Coding 101

This was my first crack at coding! My husband is in school right now as well and in a Computer Science class at the UW. He asked me if I was using Java or some other fancy program and then we had a good laugh when my computer screen made a “Boing” noise after an Angry Bird attacked something or other. We’re obviously on different planes. However, despite the elementary nature of these games, I still found myself stuck at certain levels where I had to really think about what I was doing.

I’ve attempted some rudimentary beginnings in photoshop and illustrator over the past years and have never quite grasped its basic layout. After doing this, I actually feel more prepared to look at some programs like that and understand some basics, such as how layers work. The lego-like building blocks really simplified the idea of coding in an easily digestible unit. The final video about ones’  digital footprint was quite charming and worth sharing in this very plugged-in world of ours, so on that note, enjoy!

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