Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

Being knowledgable and passionate about your subject(s) is of the utmost importance to be an excellent educator. How can we expect to incite wonder and curiosity about a subject unless we genuinely model that excitement ourselves? No matter what the subject, my interest would be sparked if my teacher displayed enthusiasm about it. Those who truly love what they teach will have the stamina to bring that wonder to the classroom year after year, resulting in the most lasting impact over the longterm.

Possessing a high degree of social competence would be the next essential characteristic. Social competence, in part, reflects having an ability to take another’s perspective concerning a situation, learn from past experiences, and apply that learning to the changes in social interactions. Active listening, patience, sensitivity and a keen ability to discern other’s unspoken intention would all be valuable assets to the educator.

The final characteristic that I believe ought to be a natural disposition of an effective educator is that of leadership. This would encompass motivational abilities, for themselves and their students, and the talent of directing a crowd. I define leaders as energetic, creative, dynamic, and magnetic. There is a great need for stamina in order to educate others, because it is a task that requires much of oneself, with, at times, little in return. A teacher needs to know how to refill their own cup in order to continue pouring out onto their student body.


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