Let’s Do This.

My name is Anna-Lisa and I’m beginning my two year journey of the Masters in Teaching program at SPU.  I hope to come out on the other end as a qualified teacher of both Theatre and Visual Arts in a K-12 environment, or possibly community college.  Working as a freelance artist for the past decade has led me to feel knowledgable in regards to the craft and business of both artistic pursuits.  I would love to share my passion with youth that are encountering such a pivotal moment in their lives.  Art has the ability to broaden ones’ horizons, instill confidence and impart meaning for oneself – especially youth.  I want to facilitate a space for high schoolers to create and find their voice before heading out into the great unknown.  I look forward to learning the specific craft of teaching, particularly these two subjects, across multiple age ranges.  When the day comes that my hands get covered in paint alongside students, or I help someone find their voice while delivering their first monologue, I will feel truly at home.

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